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GATERON SMD Switches for Mechanical Keyboards 5pin

GATERON SMD Switches for Mechanical Keyboards 5pin

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Sounds of the keys

Blue Switch:

Moderate pressure grams, strong sense of paragraph,loud voice,crisp and refreshing typing.

Green Switch:

with an eye-catching "click" sound and the rebound is more powerful.Can be used on big keys.

Red Switch:

The gram of pressure is the smallest, there is no sense of pagraph,straight up and down, can be understoodas a light black shaft,Light touch, suitable for protracted warfare.

Black Switch:

High pressure grams, great feedback power,no sense of passage, during the game Bring a heartyfeeling.

Gold Switch:

The triger is faster than the Blue Switch, the sound is crisp, trigger faster,and there is a clear sense of passage.

Brown Switch:

The gram of pressure is small, the sense of passage is moderate, it is weaker than the green axis, and the sound is smaller than the green Suitable for office and games, it is called the "universal axis" for comprehensive consideration.

White Switch:

Is an excellent and low price Silent Switch, can effectively reduce the sound brought by the switch, very suitable for quiet environment.

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